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A dog under a shade tree…

A dog under a shade tree…

It takes no leash to hold a dog under a shade tree.


Starting days cheered onto the track (this time at Richmond).


And onward…


So far we’ve made it up the eastern seaboard and turned left for west.


It would be a travesty to visit this area of the country without visiting Gettysburg…


…and the crash site of Flight 93…


(It’s hard to take any photo of any significant place on this trip without a Mini Cooper somewhere in the frame.)

A bit of a somber day, I suppose, but the drives so far have been excellent. Windy, ribbon roads laid over the lazier parts of the Appalachian Mountains.



Over hill and dale and Amish country…


I mentioned before our midday scheduled stops? Well, seriously, when the Mini crew descends upon a town… we really REALLY descend upon a town:


If the whole rally wasn’t so well-organized, I might feel a little self-conscious about rolling up with a thousand cars and filling these little villages. But nothing is left to chance or unannounced. For a town like this, the home of the modern drinking straw (don’t ask), we fill every parking lot AND THEN start pulling up in people’s yards: invited of course.


But during the entire trip, I don’t think anyone really felt unwelcome anywhere. And not just because we’re doubling the population of whole cities for a few hours, but it seemed like we were truly welcome. Everywhere.


And that’s quite a thing to say about such a random assortment of locations as this. Basically three per day for so long…


But arrived in Detroit, we have. Not even halfway yet, but getting there. The weather is getting cooler…


Stay tuned…
-Noah D.

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