The personal blog of photojournalist Noah Darnell.



Noah is a photojournalist.

He is a graduate of the University of Westminster and Harding University with degrees in Documentary Photography/Photojournalism and Journalism. He also teaches some, sails a lot, and has a greyhound.

It is true that he is a writer, but he occasionally does not write. And he is a prolific photographer, but he does not always make the photo.

A number of years ago he was asked to speak to his entire university to say what he had learned during his years of studies. By making hundreds of thousands of photographs during his time there, and by attending so many concerts, events, celebrations, tragedies, failures, successes… he had been photographing his own life through their lives. And now, he has been out in the world for some time just living. Multitudes of moments go by and little is posted to the digital realm: not everything needs to be shared… nor is everything able to be shared.