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Berlin is…

“Berlin is poor, but sexy!”

That’s been deemed the new slogan for Berlin’s underground artsy slash “counter-culture” scene… well, that’s according to some SkyMall or Turkish Airlines magazine I saw not long ago.

And its pretty true, actually. Its an interesting dichotomy: there’s this sort of grunge art everywhere in contrast to the edgy modern-city look that a bunch of the German cities have adopted since the cities were flattened during World War II and rebuilt during the cold war.

In fact, out near Oranienburger Strasse, there is an old warehouse – looks pretty scary from the outside – that seems to be a hive of these similar grunge-artsy types… lots of welded things and splatter paintings.

Anyways, its worth a check if you’re in the area. Definitely makes for some interesting photographs.

Stay tuned always…
-Noah D.

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