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In with a London…

In with a London…

I like London.

A lot.

It has just enough of a mix of things. Most of the great cities of the world do. And London is no different.

But it is different.

If you sit and try to think of all the cliche things that you possibly can of places around the world, there might be more in London than everywhere else.

But, of all those things, there are hundreds others that I could think of that someone who has never spent any time here would completely overlook.

The Tea Trip has moved on to London.

The last stop on our journey around the planet tracing the history of tea and its effect on the world.

Fortnum & Mason, the Queen’s Tea.

Or perhaps, all those cliche things that one might associate with London are only cliche to me because they are “so London” in so many ways.

Like the crazy long shadows that shoot down the streets when the sun gets so low on the horizon, the days are so long.

Or the constant roll of one-trick street performers in Covent Gardent…

London is as it always is. And I like it.

The streets…

The people…




So, for a few days, this is where I will (gladly) be. Stay tuned…
-Noah D.

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