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It is good to stretch yourself…

It seems as though I have been shooting a lot of portraits lately… which, honestly, is a great great thing. I love stretching my comfort level with various equipment.

My heart lies with natural, ambient light…

…but I could get used to this flash thing.

I think the select was this one:

My friend Philip needed a portrait for the book jacket of his almost-out photojournalism book on his time he spent in Haiti.

I’m a fan of the cinematographic crop.

I did football portraits the other day, too…

100-something of this:

Also, the incoming Student Association… (I still call it SGA. Is there a difference without the “government” part?) Very simple, semi-corporate photo… minus the corporate duds.

I enjoy the challenge of making all the lighting different. Different light-shaping, different poses, interacting with different people in different ways.

Maybe its because I’m just not good enough to duplicate a set yet… things are able to be random and still look like I know what I’m doing.

Hence the “Fledgling Photographer” continues…


Stay tuned,
-Noah D.

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