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Never two days at the same time…

Never two days at the same time…

As weird as major time-zone changes are to my brain, trying to sort photos after jumping time-zones in my camera timestamp is just annoying. Coming and going, making days extremely short or having a day that lasts 40hrs…

Eh, but I digress.

Welcome to Florence.

Nothing is the same two days in a row in this job. This time I’ve been shipped off to Italy to handle the production of a short documentary that deals with security on international campuses.

And though it will be largely filming, don’t think I don’t have the stills cameras along, too.

As well as all those in-transit moments…

So, to stay awake a few more hours so we sleep through the night, we headed up to the Piazza de Michelangelo to burn some daylight.


This is my fifth time to Firenze, I believe, but for my two travel companions this was their first time.

Can’t be all black-and-white street photography, right? Love that color. Usually the Leica M8 is better to leave B&W. But sometimes – especially when the colors are pastel – it really shines.

Nevertheless, I usually revert to B&W because I see light and tones better than color.

We then made our way to the villa out in Scandicci that would be our base for our time in Tuscany.

But… the need for sleep outweighs the need for introductions for the moment.

For all that, stay tuned…
-Noah D.

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