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No respect for 5,280ft…

In all honesty, I have no respect for the mile.

Left: Giza, Egypt / Right: Memphis, Tenn.

I guess some would call it a curse… I consider it a blessing.

I have no appreciation for the distance, how much time it takes to cover it, or how far it actually might be. A mile just as well could be 10 miles and it would not make a difference.

Heck, why not 100 miles? How about 1000 miles!?

And its all because I know – no matter how far the distance might be – there is nothing hindering me from covering that distance. Its a blessing of living in the 21st century.

But more importantly, it is a blessing of having traveled extensively.

Now, I’m not intending to sound conceited. And I’m not intending to belittle those who have not traveled. I am attempting to inspire thee by saying: “There is nowhere on this earth that is too far away.”

You want to go see the Pyramids in Giza? Do it. You want to hear Big Ben ring? Do it. You want to walk the Great Wall of China? Do it. In this day and age, you don’t have to resign yourself to “its too far away.”

But beware! Once you do it once, it will be almost impossible… nay: it WILL be impossible to stop. Your world view gets quite small while getting quite big at the same time. You see, this world is all connected. All of it is just one big ball and if you were to start heading around it, eventually you really would come back around to where you started.

The world is only ten thousand and something miles to the other side. Heck, I drove 400 just today! That’s over 4 percent of the way around… its not that far!

So, never again does anyone really have to resign themselves to looking at the big knock-off pyramid in Memphis, Tenn., and dream of the real pyramids in Giza, Egypt, knowing they will never know what its like to stand in the sand and know what it feels like to be in the shadow of a 4000 year old structure.

Go out there and get it done. You’re the only one who will be able to make it happen.

Stay tuned,

-Noah D.

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