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Science is actually quite cool…

Science is actually quite cool…

The amount of science that is going on every time I trip the shutter on my camera? Its truly astounding…

Sometimes science professors are difficult subjects to photograph. Not because they’re not photogenic… just because sometimes its a bit difficult to show science experiments in action in a still frame.

And good ol’ Joe McNally is often quoted to say something to the effect of, “Sometimes its not necessary to light the subject, you can light around it.”

Well, this time, I lit the whole thing from the inside out. Twice.

Once for the simple portrait – light through the fishtank:

A good 1-stop blue gel brightens that sucker up nicely. A bare flash from the right.

Also, once for the vertical version:

Flash behind the quartz rock shooting straight through. Slight TTL fill from left cut a full stop.

Oh, and both of these photos… they have absolutely no editing done to them at all. Nothing. Not a single color or contrast correction. Just a little border and signature mark.

Its my redemption for all these dramatic edits I do sometimes. Gotta have the good ol’ B&W’s, straight film, or unedited color frames sometimes!

Stay tuned,
-Noah D.

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