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Take one down…

Take one down…

The office.

Wherever I go into a city, I have an office. In Greece, my office was was the coffeeshop down the street from the Fivos Hotel where I stay on Athinas Street down from Monastiraki. For some reason I’m missing the Fivos and all its 4-flights-of-stairs-to-my-room glory these days.

In Texarkana, it was the Books-a-Million. I don’t miss that one so much because of the constant threat of being sermonized. Good people there, though.

Muscat, Oman, has the InterContinental (even though you have to pay a little, its fast and reliable). Probably the most lavish of any of the international spots I know. Well, that’s if you don’t consider the roof of Istanbul’s Marmara Pera.

In Haiti, the Kinam – of course – or in Port Salut, there’s only one hotel that has power as long as its open. The internet is satellite.

In Portsmouth, today, it is the Port City Cafe and Pub.

What does my “office” require? The two most important: decent coffee and semi-reliable wireless internet. Lots of places have that, though. So what makes some places better than others?


You want a location that serves you more than a coffee. If you place yourself in a place where you can know things and be told things, then you have a good office. Make friends with all the waiters and waitresses. The ones in international locations

Do a little work, a little food, a little conversation. Makes a good office.

Stay tuned…
-Noah D.

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