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Teachable moments…

Step into my studio… on location in the back stairway of the Benson Auditorium.

Full-length portraits to be used “as is” OR to be masked out. This week is the big shoot for the Spring Sing program. This is Sam, one of the Hosts.

As you can see from this photo, the light setup is pretty usual for a full-length portrait. The light on the right is shooting through a diffusion panel towards the upper part of his body, then the umbrella on the left is firing a little lower intending to be a fill… but also to shoot low so his legs don’t go dark. There’s a hairlight on the left shooting high and across the shoulders to give a little separation in the hair and rim out the side of his face. There’s one more light partially hidden by the diffusion screen, its a second kicker to give a little punch. This fourth light is also shooting low and behind him to give good separation to his pants.

There. A full-length portrait explained.

Now, class, any questions? If not, stay tuned…

-Noah D.

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