The reason for daily commute…

So, I’m back to teaching!


For those just joining us, I taught at Harding University literally the semester after I graduated. Kinda weird for both me and the students that were my same age, but… The normal teacher and University Photographer came down with a pretty serious case of dengue fever from mission work slash personal assignment in Central America, so I filled.

I kinda stuck. The mothership sucked me in.

But now, after the events of 2014 (Master’s degree in London) and 2015 (sailing home with s/v Proteus), I’ve returned. And I’m back to all the usual tricks… plus some!




The gang is back together again.

Ahsoka isn’t thrilled I have to leave every day…


She’s a bit of a velcro dog…


Expect to see photos from assignments and other daily life on this blog again.


And the commute…


And pup, as always…


Stay tuned…
-Noah D.

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