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The restoration of…

The restoration of…

“To have no time for philosophy is to be a true philosopher.”
~Blaise Pascal

In the living of life one can be too busy to take a picture. Let’s try to remedy that.

More than a year – thirteen months, actually – have passed since my last post on this website and it was tapering off even before that. But I am approaching one thousand posts on here. A massive catalogue of former lives, times spent in places that only the imagination can dream unless you are standing there.

So here it is. The resurrection, a restoration: to continue with the document. Perhaps there will be thousands more posts, possibly two or five? And what sort of document to the future will that be? It might even be a document for me.

Παρὰ Ἀλεξάνδρου τοῦ Πλατωνικοῦ τὸ μὴ πολλάκις μηδὲ χωρὶς ἀνάγκης λέγειν πρός τινα ἢ ἐν ἐπιστολῇ γράφειν ὅτι ἄσχολός εἰμι, μηδὲ διὰ τούτου τοῦ τρόπου συνεχῶς παραιτεῖσθαι τὰ κατὰ τὰς πρὸς τοὺς συμβιοῦντας σχέσεις καθήκοντα, προβαλλόμενον τὰ περιεστῶτα πράγματα.

“From Alexander the Platonist: Rarely — and never without real need — tell anyone or write a letter saying that you are too busy; don’t make it a habit to beg off from obligations for those with whom we live, just throwing out the words, “due to the press of business.”

With no promises of daily photos but a sincere effort to be making images again of the world in which I find myself…

Stay tuned…
-Noah D.

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