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Two peas in a pod…

…or two grapes on a vine, if you will. Or two dogs in a window surrounded by grapes on a vine.

I mean, its all Athens.

For a short time while I was waiting around, I did some people watching. It makes for some neat images just to sit around and watch as the images come to you. Or go away from you…

I love catching people doing things. Very short glances. Very harmless when done quickly, but the single image captures a different world of indistinguishable moments when seen as a whole…

…I wonder if that moment caused an argument.

Speaking of arguments:

I tweeted about it as it happened, but these two panhandlers got into an argument in the square. They were quite loud and drew some attention as the old woman berated the other man/woman for encroaching on her territory.

As the argument was at its most heated, I saw a priest enter the situation… as he passed he crossed himself and continued on his way. Maybe he was busy.

Maybe the crossing will help someday.

Stay tuned,
-Noah D.

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