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Waiting in line to move very quickly…

Waiting in line to move very quickly…

And, we pick up where we left off: arriving to Detroit. We’re almost halfway through!

Not that we want it to go by quickly…


One of the little… let’s say… “inconveniences” of Mini Takes the States is the queue times. Whoa is me, poor first world problem, driving across the country, etc, but…┬ábut every morning started something like:


This was probably thirty minutes after they said, “Ready, set, go!”

Anytime you try to move almost a thousand cars, you’re bound to have a little backup. Kinda funny, actually. They literally would say, “Ready, set… let’s go motor!” and all the newcomers (that had not been doing this every morning for more than a week already) would go running back to their cars. All us jaded folks would kinda shrug and go get a second helping of whatever breakfast was being served that day: pancakes, breakfast burritos, continental fare, et. al.

A few minutes later, the rest of the orange lanyard people (the people going all the way) would leisurely stroll down to the parking lot and THEN the cars would be JUST starting to move. 900 cars, single file. It’s a slow process.


But the drives were usually great and the sky started to get bigger as we made our way west.


Keep in mind, I’m jumping a few days at a time here. Lots and lots of driving.

But then…


St. Ignace, up at the top of the USA.

And Sioux Falls…


And all the things in between…






And the Super Soaker Ahsoka is a traveling champ. There’s really nothing convenient about traveling with a dog, but to be honest, I would not have done it any other way. I know our experience was enhanced by having her along. Cuz she has a sense of humor…


Even if we did occasionally have to pause under trees to cool down.


I’d rather travel with a large┬áthan a baby, so we definitely have that going for us.

The secret to travel with dog is routine. And there was certainly enough routine on a trip like this. Even the arrival at a new hotel was pretty standard, and the “new” room would have a good sniff session…


…and then all would be right with the world.

Next day, wake up and do it all again.








And coming into Rapid City, SD, we had our first major storm cell go through. There was some damage to some of the cars from hail. As soon as it got bad, we dove under an I-90 overpass to wait it out. Some weren’t so lucky…

But… post-storm?


It was a neat way to drive into Sturgis…


Stay tuned,
-Noah D.

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