When data tastes so good…

To a really big labrador named Harley, that is.

Imagine a big puppy that would – if you left two CF cards near the edge of a table and went to bed – would be able to easily get the cards while still standing on all four feet… then proceed to mutilate them.

And mutilate them in such a way that baffles the imagination. How did he split a CF card in half… longways? Is there even a seam!? I’m not sure I could do this amount of damage given opposable thumbs!

Well, the important thing here is… the data. Both cards had been downloaded, of course, and no data was lost.

But… just in case you were wondering… which of these still worked after this amount of damage?

Well, the SanDisk card was literally pried apart. The Lexar card actually registered in the card reader, but no disk image would show up on the desktop.

Does this mean a fail for the cards? Well… had it been absolutely necessary to rescue the data, I’m pretty sure the Lexar card would have still been rescuable, just not with any equipment I have.

Two lessons here: (1) Back up your cards!! Immediately come in and download them! And (2)… keep stuff away from big dogs.

Oh twell. No loss. Its just stuff. But to pause a moment and reflect on the data these cards have stored. All over Africa and Europe… Haiti… the university. RIP, my friends.

Does this experience make me go buy a certain card over another to replace it?

Stay tuned,
-Noah D.