We bought a boat…

By: Noah D.

And, with shocking simplicity, we made the purchase.

Literally, a decade of dreaming and research has led to this.

And, as we were on our way home, the question, “Are you happy?” was raised. My answer sounds like a fortune cookie: Happiness does not come from the things we own, but the way we put to use the things we own. Cats can be happy with a cardboard box because they know how to play in them. But humans can be miserable with multimillion dollar mansions.

Happiness is our own responsibility, not the responsibility of anyone else or the things with which we surround ourselves.

Here we are, 42 foot sailboat in hand, doing everything we can to live our lives in a way that we will look back on it and say, “Wow, that was a great thing.”

“Boat shopping” has a new meaning…

By: Noah D.

I had a nice huge blog post written up, but before I clicked “publish” I had an attack of superstition. Okay, yes yes, nautical things are rife with superstition and such, but something made me feel as though I should hold off on posting some of my thoughts until things are more concrete. I refuse to jinx it.

But, here’s the gist: There’s a certain boat for sale at a certain marina that makes me swoon. It has a few issues, but… like any good relationship, you have to be mature about things and take the good with the bad. Just like some people make awesome spouses even though they snore, I feel like this certain boat is a lovely lady even though she need a few pokes and prods occasionally to straighten out those kinks. All things considered, a project boat she is not.

Boat shopping has taken on a whole new meaning now that I might have just photographed “the one”


Now, if you’re able to identify the boat from this photo alone, I applaud you. Otherwise, you’re just going to have to wait and see… 🙂

Once I was the new guy…

By Noah D.

I came to London the first time in 2008. Since, then I have spent quite a bit of time here: coming up on one year with nary a break.

But I was once the guy on the street corner staring at a map. I had never been to St.Paul’s or walked from the Houses of Parliament to the Tower Bridge on either side of the river. I didn’t know the difference between Leicester Square and Covent Garden and Piccadilly Circus or Oxford Circus or what happens at those different places. Less than that, I didn’t even venture a guess at what a “Shoreditch” was or the best place to exchange money.

The expat community in London is quite large. I wonder how many take a little pride when a friend visits and says: “Could you show me around?”

I assure you, it doesn’t happen in small towns very often. You usually need a purpose to visit small towns. Not that they’re not friendly, of course, but why else would you go there?

Perhaps it is even a point of pride, but being in London and being on the streets this much puts me in a position of responsibility: a position of hospitality. It is certainly not a heavy burden, per se, but it is one I take seriously. If I can help someone have a good experience in “my town” then it is up to me to give it a shot… even if it is more walking than you’ve done in weeks. 🙂2013_10.07-1004486

But shouldn’t that be the way of the world? Not passing each other on the street with indifference, but almost as the monks do in their hallways, blessing each other and wishing each other well in their journey. To be unrealistic, should I not wish to bless each of the throngs of holidayers clogging the exit of Tottenham Court Road station? Should I not hope to wish the Random Stoppers as they walk along in a crowd and suddenly turn around to flow upstream like a salmon to spawn?

I’m being a little idealistic, but I have to wonder: why extend hospitality and illumination to only your friends on the rare occasion they come into town when you’re around dozens and hundreds and thousands of people every day who you might just be the light in their rather dark world.

If you’re ever in town, look me up. I’d love to show you around…



NOTE: In the interest of full disclosure, this post originally appeared here. I post it here because of its relevance to recent events and the fact that I, too, need to listen to my own thoughts from time to time.

Making progress on S/V ???…

By: Noah D.

Well, as promised by merely making a little webpage for a yet-to-be-bought-or-named boat, the time has come to start making some serious progress. By serious progress, I mean… all the research in the world means nothing, really, until you go out and start walking on boats that have FOR SALE signs and getting the bank accounts arranged.

Next week, I’m going to be making a little trip to visit a half-dozen boats.

Pardon me being so cryptic, but I’ll write up a massive post next week with loads of pictures, exhausting details, and perhaps even a video or two.

See you then…